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If you live abroad or simply out of London, then you need someone to take good care of your property, particularly if it is your own home. We have more than 25 years’ experience in property management and there are not many situations that we haven’t come across before and we are capable of handling anything that arises with a level head, professionalism and pragmatism.

You no longer need to deal with multiple people or departments that deal with the letting, management and accounts for your property – you will have just one contact person that you may ask about any aspect of your property.

We have a good team of experienced and professional contractors to deal with plumbing / gas, electrics, decoration, white goods, pest control and inventories, all of whom offer their own personal touch, since we use individual tradesmen who are personally accountable for everything they do and who become familiar with the properties we manage, the same as we do.

You will also find our fees are at a sensible level and we do not add fees on fees on invoices, as some other agents do. We pass on actual invoices and our contractors often give us favourable rates due to the regular work we give them. Our contractors are also very good at remedying any issues, without quibbling, should the need ever arise and like us, our contractors also understand how it important it is to keep tenants happy. Happy tenants are usually the key to keeping your property occupied and receiving the best return on your investment. If you ever want further information or wish to speak to any contractor directly to understand a repair that has been undertaken, you are always more than welcome to. On the other hand, if you do not wish to know, just relax and let us deal with everything for you.

Our tenants benefit from 24/7 emergency support, so if you are currently managing your own property, there will be no more Sunday afternoon phone calls for you to deal with! What’s more, we are able to provide advice to tenants in order to resolve simple issues and only call a contractor out as an emergency if it really and truly is an emergency situation.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with your current agent, feel free to give us a call and chat about your situation. We may be able to take over the management of your property, even if it is currently occupied (depending upon the terms that you have signed). In the past, we have frequently started to manage properties this way or sometimes just after a bad tenant has vacated, we have put everything in order, including the property itself.

We also offer empty property care if you do not actually let your property but require regular visits to be made for buildings insurance purposes or simply for peace of mind. We are on hand to deal with any emergencies in the same way as for our tenanted properties.

Our Fees